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2 the application Sender applications on Android


Many people are lazy to download the application or feel reluctant because it is very wasteful against its quota so they confused bagamaina get an application without having to download or reduce their internet quota.

There are several ways that is very easy to get an application one of them below:

  1. If you want to get the application by way of download preferably use the wifi so that wastes no internet quota and not slow when downloading an application.
  2. The next way that is requesting an application to a friend that has the application very easy to trick.
  3. Send the application to use the laptop so you only need to install without having to download the application.

When you will require an application from friends or other smartphones that tersdapat the application you must have the application and download it and it should be first, below several applications share an application or aplkasi to submit another application.

  1. Share Apps is one of the applications that you can use to send other applications available on the Playstore and you should download it in advance in order to use the application.

Superiority Share Apps:

  • To get the application you just need to look it up on google play store without having to elaborate look.
  • It has good access when using the application.
  • Can send applications in great numbers.

The application can also send different type of file such as applications, video, songs, as well as document-document you want to send other could use share apps.

  1. Shari It also share application or application transfer application that has a fairly complete and fitu in addition to submitting an application to apply share it you can send files in any form such as pictures, songs, or video and other files.

Superiority Share It:

  • Have good speed when you will send an application or some other file.
  • This application can be used in all mobile android or ios.
  • It can be said almost all applications or files can be sent using share it.
  • You also may not need to use the internet connection when using this application.


Updated: April 10, 2016 — 1:04 am

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