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How to Flash Android-the rise of the android users in the sales beat the other vendors besides osnya the sophisticated and easy to use (user friendly) is also caused due to the price of Android is a fairly compete in the market due to the springing up of Android products china anyway. It also led to a proliferation of applications that are scattered in the virtual world that when we enforce sometimes make our smartphones loading so slow.

Some kinds of error that occurred on the android software, among others; Hank logo, bootloop, forget the phone lock code, code patterns, forgot gmail accounts, too many applications, the emergence of the notification unfortunately com process has stopped, the application always update themselves, some important applications missing as the keyboard is missing, and a variety of other damage.

To resolve the error recovery already provided on each of the android os by performing a certain key combination so we can do a good recovery hard reset to remove the data and user settings or os install through the micro sd and articles continue to be updated on the label how to Hard Reset.

If the damage to his software already can not be addressed again through how to hard reset the next step we have to do is reinstall/how to flashing the android using flash files in accordance with the type and version of android that is damaged. You have prepared the market various brands box flasher to do work like this; Volcano box and mcn box but don't worry if you don't have the flash tool then you can use software flashing Android is already provided by the vendor of the brand of smartphones using the android operating system. Like SP Flashtool released by producing smart phones with the android operating system and use the MTK chip.

Outline in this article we break down into two kinds, namely; How to flash android without pc/komputer and how to flash android with your pc/computer.

Here's How To Flash Android:

A. How To Flash Android Without PC

In this method we do not use your pc as a media flashing Android, so we use the cwm which is already installed in the android and flash files/firmware we copy to the mmc/sd and installed through the cwm.

  1. Select your smartphone stockrom in mrcrab, if not there please browse again.
  2. Copy and pastekan flash files/firmware/stockrom android in the form of rar/zip to the micro sd
  3. Install the micro sd above to your Android phone
  4. In the circumstances the position off android
  5. The recovery menu (how to enter the recovery menu is the same as the article how to hard reset android), choose the appropriate;
    • Press and hold the volume up and power button
    • Press and hold the volume down and the power button
    • Press and hold the volume up, volume down, and buttons
    • Press and hold the volume button up, home, and power
    • Press and hold the volume button down, home, and power
    • etc.
  6. After entering the Android system recovery menu
  7. Select wipe data/factory reset, wait until it is finished
  8. Select wipe cache partition, wait until it is finished
  9. Select wipe dalvik cache (if any) wait until done
  10. Select install zip from sd card and select file stock rom last
  11. Wait for the process to install ROMs is complete
  12. Reboot system
  13. Completed
  14. Examples of the application of article;

B. How To Flash Android With PC

Android for flash with this pc different software used for tool vendors in accordance with flashnya respectively, here we will break down some of the course.

1. How to Flash Android by Odin

(Specially for Samsung brand Androrid original)

How to flash android with odin multidownload

2. How to Flash Android with SP Flashtool

(Special android china MTK chip)

How to flash android china with sp flashtool

3. How to Flash Android with Research Download

(For android china with the spd chip)

How to flash android spd research download

If the imei number is missing please read how android Imei rebuild

This article is already available in the form of ebook Please Download PDF 

So some way flash android pc either using or without using a pc that is adapted to each type of these handheld hopefully this article can help to readers who need it.

Updated: April 8, 2016 — 5:08 pm

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