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2708 Nokia Asha 205

Images usb Nokia 2708 Asha 205-in this article specifically to load usb fbus/mbus not 2708 2708, if usb is plugged directly into the computer 2708 and only 4 connections, namely;

  1. GND, ground
  2. D-
  3. D +
  4. + 5 v

While the mbus/fbus 2708 is a rj45 cable as interface through box flasher first, and the cord is composed of;

  1. GND-Ground
  2. TX-Data send
  3. Rx-receive Data
  4. RX2-?
  5. MBUS-MBUS data exchange protocol
  6. FBUS-FBUS data exchange protocol
  7. VPP-Programming power supply
  8. VCC-Common collector voltage
  9. VBUS-VBUS, USB powerdetect

2708 to battery connector description is;

  1. GND-Ground (Attention, this is not system GND)
  2. + VCC or VBAT-Battery positive
  3. BSI-Battery Size Indicator
  4. BTemp-Battery Temperature (optional)

If there is damage to the cell phones of this type in this part of software such as open user code blank, and other required error flashing. And as the media liaison from hp would be flashed. to the computer to type 205 Asha could use a USB cable that we cut and soldered directly as exemplified in the image.

Because here we are only showing the image to USB 2708 only, and for a description of the location of GND, D-, D +, and + 5V. can You see the jumper on the image of 2708 Nokia 205 below that indicated on the circle is red, green, white, and black with a description of each.

Here's how;

  1. Take the usb cable that is still good, then cut the ends so that the visible wires that are generally colored red (+ 5v), black (ground), white (D-), and green (D +), or if the cable colors you can customize with different gauge using a multitester.
  2. Then solder the ends of the usb cable to the pcb Board earlier in accordance with the drawings,
  3. You just try to flash using flasher box Your pet.

When already soldered to a pcb Board can dilfash, both use box flasher as ATF, UFSx HWK, or with software without a box where the tutorial how to mobile phone has been Damaged flashnya explain in this article.

Pictures of 2708 usb Nokia 205
2708 Nokia Asha 205

So how to solder 2708 for Nokia Asha 205 along with a description of each function and how 2708 menyoldernya may be useful.

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 4:56 am

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