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3 How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Note N7000

Factory reset Samsung note this time sharing the process or steps do wipe reset for Samsung original with three way really is not difficult and the process is quite fast.

As how to hard reset for Android as a lot of his article on the label how to hard reset Samsung galaxy, as well as in note n7000 it could through the menu with code, and through a combination of buttons to enter recovery.

Details of mobile phone use:

  • Model number: GT_N7000
  • ANdroid version: 4.1.2
  • Basic tape version: N7000DXLS8
  • Kernel version: -906407 3.0.31
  • Version number: JZ054K. N7000DXLSE

Hard reset to address:

  • Bootloop
  • Hank logo
  • forgot lock code
  • forgot pattern
  • forgot my gmail account
  • application error
  • loading weight
  • etc.

The following 3 steps hard reset Samsung galaxy note: n7000

  1. Use the code hard reset Samsung, that is * 2767 * 3855 #
  2. Via the menu:
    • Select The Application
    • Settings
    • Back up and reset
    • Factory data reset
  3. Through the Android system recovery:
    1. In the off position
    2. Press and hold the three buttons, namely; The HOME button, Volume Up Button, and Power button
    3. When the shakes and samsung release only the power button
    4. After the Green Android robot logo appears let go all buttons
    5. Wait a minute logo turns into Android system recovery menu
      An easy way to get into recovery menu on the Samsung note n7000
      The Android system recovery
    6. Select wipe data/factory reset
    7. Select again Yes–delete all user data
    8. Wait for the process to complete
    9. Select wipe cache partition
    10. Wait for the process to complete
    11. Select reboot system now
    12. Wait for the phone to restart
    13. Completed

Quite easy and fast to do manual hard reset Samsung galaxy note n7000 this with 3 way above, don't forget to backup the important data before doing so.

Updated: April 8, 2016 — 8:17 pm

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