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5 How to change the battery Icon for Android

Customization on Android smartphone's goal is to make the look becomes more interesting so not impressed. Replacing the battery icon for Android is one of the full featured frequently chosen by the user. Indeed the default icon of Android battery has an awkward impression, so reasonable if many users complained about it. How to change the current Android battery icon has been very easy. Not only that, to replace them can also be done by anyone without the need for special skills.

Diverse applications for free replacement battery you can download for free at Play Store. Of course with the presence of the battery replacement applications will further facilitate its users in replacing the battery icon. This time it will be reviewed on a wide range of how to change the battery icon for Android to be more cool than before. The wide variety of ways, including the following:

Tutorial how to use applications that can change the look of the logo of the battery on the android.

5 change battery Android Application icon:

  1. Use application Xposed. How to change the battery icon for Android application Xposed you can choose, because it's easy, which is as follows:
    • The first step be sure Android smartphone there in conditions already diroot. Make sure also Your version of Android is the Android version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), because this application can only be used on that version.
    • Prepare application Xposed, then install on Your Android smartphone. After the install process is complete, you will be faced with several options of choice. Select a framework, and then do the update frameworknya.
    • The next step is to do a reboot on Smartphones
    • And then install the desired battery icon
    • Reopen the application, go to Xposed section module to select the battery icon has been previously installed
    • The last step is to do a reboot on Smartphones
  2. Vortex application Toolbox. Application of Vortex Toolbox is one of how to change the icon of Android battery quickly and easily. In addition to replacing the battery icon for Android, this application also allows you to change the powerboast, the text of the opener, and the appearance of others. Thus the look of Android will be cooler than before.
  3. Use the application Battery Changer Gey. Battery Changer Gey paid application is that its main function is to replace the battery icon for Android. Ease in mengantinya this makes the Battery Changer Gey very popular Play Store, even though it is included in the paid applications
  4. Use the Application Icon Mod. Indeed the Application Icon this Mod made specifically to change the display of the battery icon becomes more cool and impress is not boring.
  5. And applications Show Battery Percentage. How to change the battery icon for use with Android app Show Battery Percentage very easily. True to its name, this application can also display the capacity of the battery. The application also helps allow you to change the color of the display of the battery.

That's the last few apps that can help you change the look of the icon so that it makes your android's battery is getting interesting, but don't forget to keep the number of applications you install in order not to increase the burden of memory usage on your android that can cause its performance increasingly sluggish.

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Updated: April 9, 2016 — 4:38 am

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