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5 Tips how to save battery life

Since the initial launch by Google, the Android operating system have a lot of interest by the public. A major trigger that makes many people switching to Android is thanks to its very easy as well as the quality of their performance is very good. Currently, there have been many smartphone vendors that use the Android operating system, such as Samsung, Sony, HTC, and other vendors. The wide variety of applications that can be postponed for free become a distinction of this operating system. With Android, you can also surf the internet with ease, so that it will no longer be no such thing as ketingggalan latest update a news.

The advantages of Android on this one often gave rise to many complaints, such as very wasteful battery consumption. Often also found cases where the battery arrived – arrive exhausted, even though the user is not using a smartphone. Certainly the references about how to save battery life with Android here will assist you in resolving the problem. How to save battery life with Android are most effective, including:

The stages that you can do to save the batteries in order not to be extravagant and heat

  1. Change the connection. 
    • Connection problems become major things to note. The presence of instability from a steady stream of data signal 3 g this is what makes Android smartphones continues to look for a steady signal is to be found the best signal. Therefore, for those of you who want to save battery life with Android is strongly recommended to turn off the data connection if you are in central locations which provide hotspots. How to save battery life with Android the first is arguably very effectively, so that it can be applied.
  2. Turn off the Wifi and Bluetooth
    • How to save battery life with Android this is very simple, but often overlooked by its users. It is strongly recommended to turn off Bluetooth and wifi when not being used, because both the Android facilities able to drain battery power quickly Android.
  3. Turn Off The GPS
    • Turn off the GPS Service is one way to save battery life with Android can do. Normally the facilities of the GPS was used as the navigation directions while you're on the go a long way. The advantages of the GPS facility it is able to show the right direction to get to locations that will be visited. But still, these facilities have a deficiency of IE requires battery power consumption very much, so the use of the battery will be wasteful.
  4. Set the brightness of the screen
    • Screen Android smartphone that its brightness very high level be a major trigger of borosnya battery consumption. Therefore it is advisable for you to set the brightness of the screen may be seminim in order to save battery life with Android.
  5. Install the battery saver application
    • How to save battery life with Android should also be balanced by installing a battery power saver application. DU Battery Saver became the best advice for Android smartphone to save battery power. Completeness of the features make this application very popular Play Store as the best battery saver application.

So some tips from in an effort to save battery life so that wastes no time usage especially when the data connection is turned on, and it also can lower your Android from the heat, may be useful.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 1:39 am

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