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9000 BlackBerry trackball not smoothly

This incident a long time ago at the time this article was written at the time spare parts to replace the trackball Blackberry is still expensive and also there has not been a wholesale hp spare parts shops in the city, so often performed services on the trackball with the overall dismantling of this trackball device.

It turns out that it included some sort of stick with a small magnet d i end of 4 seeds, and of course the sphere trackball. The main causes of the traffic-jammed this shit because there is a trackball embedded in it so that at the time it is cleaned using a brush and tiner grade then assembled again and eventually was able to walk again.

Well at the time of this incident happen to sparepartnya is still there so stay replaced it, now it's been rare that uses a trackball may be due to a specific entry of dirt into the trackball because often the scrollable with fingers so that dirt participated in.

Can understandably if now there is already a successor i.e. the trackpad, so while using the trackpad on this finger just touching the surface so that no dirt can enter into a cell phone.

Note: Blackberry 9000

Asked: Trackball not smoothly?


  • Loading the pcb and check parts trackball module
  • Replace with a new trackball
  • Completed

So how to fix Blackberry 9000 damaged the trackball may be useful.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 9:46 am

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