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Address the Loading 75% BB Bold 9900

Blackberry Bold 9900 solution loading 75 percent-have entered the Blackberry with damage like this and similar problem already pembahasanannya, new new this time had time to create the article.

Stages of overcoming 75% loading Blackberry 9900:

A. Stages Of Erase

  1. Download and install the Blackberry Desktop Software: (for drivers W, if it already exists on your computer skip only)
  2. Download software: Easy BB Zero
  3. Open the eazy bb zero
  4. Click Wipe System
    The blackberry solution tutorial loading 75%
    Click the marked
  5. Will open a cmd dialog Press any key to continue … (press any key of the keyboard)

    BB eazy cope with zero loading 75%

  6. Will appear to be connecting to bootrom

    How to wipe the data loading 75% bb

  7. Prepare your BB with no batteries have to be installed, and then plug the usb
  8. The process of Erasing will run cmd over and wait for it to close on its own.
  9. Do the same thing on a wipe Rom
  10. Lid W Easy Zero
  11. Erase completed phase

B. Stage Flash

At this stage the Admins consider the reader can already do flash Blackberry, usually using a special firmware OS7 because if use OS 7.1 usually kumat again or if there the uninitiated can be read on the article;

  1. How to flash a Blackberry via Apploader
  2. How to flash a Blackberry via rapido installer

So how to fix Blackberry loading 75% may be helpful.

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 2:02 am

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