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Advan S5E Pas Nelpon Lamp

The solutions address the display light off when nelpon s5e advan-this story starts when the consumers bring this to counter with hh circumstances touchscreen broke, after a fierce bargaining occurs and kucuran sweat on the forehead create a deal eventually replace touch screen advan vandroid this type.

After replaced and take home eh turns out this morning the consumer come again, the heart says; "oops I think I bring the other nih broken hp, it could be subscribed hehehe thank God". He complained that apparently Hadeh hh nya pas nelpon to anywhere direct screen is dark, but when the call is finished lamp light live again.

Indeed some time ago exists also the consumers bring an android replica of hh as well with the same case, but ga deal. Well, since this complaint so should check again there are the hell is happening in this hh auto parts.

Finally dismantled again, after the tests here and there recently recalled if there is a black rubber fall time install kesing before and I save. Whether the cause is a small rubber cover that sensor that position near the front camera with two holes.

Fitting installed turned out to be true, the pas calls the screen becomes normal as it was before. Do have to be wary of small objects taken lightly. For Damaged Phones provide blog picture below.

More information can be found from page is broken.

Solution reinsert black rubber protector the sensor, if it is missing please improvisation or lose the sensor TESTED.

It also has the create hh, such as sc android samsung s5, s4, supercopy/replicas. To view other articles can visit on this page.

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So my experience in eror tackle on Advan vandroid s5e dead screen when lights nelpon/make calls out, the actual damage is due to personal errors as well. Thanks for sharing with your friends with the share button below.

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 3:21 am

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