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Android no signal-a good friend of the heart Let us always present thanks to the creator, because with his omnipotence we can still breathe, be active, and be happy together with one's family. For it remains a faithful servants. Amin

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Android no internet signal so the title but before any further it's good dear readers smoothed the way passengers in order to make these readings will be more felt. For that stay with us.

a. Android causes no signal
There are several android penyeb no signal. Good regular signals or the signal to the internet. Here we will explain.
1. Setting SIm Card
One of the causes is no signal Z1 Android settings SIM card, SIM settings You could have 2 whereas a functioning card only sim 1, this is the one that causes Android signal does not appear
2. Coverage Area
The cause of the signal does not appear Android is next is the absence of a signal in the area. For it remains or look for an area that has a signal card are you using
3. Corrupted SIM Card Slot
Android does not display signal causes the third is a broken sim card slot. If you encounter an obstacle like this, then please you come to mobile phone services to fix the sim card slot.

b. bsinyal android is not stable
Causes signal unstable Android is the first of the network or signal range 4 g HSPA or its not the full where you use the Hp. Doing so causes the Android signal unstable.

c. android signal edge hold
The cause of the signal edge keeps the first Android is indeed in your area there is no 3 g or 4 g networks so that the signal is accepted only edge. Then the cause of the latter is on the network settings, please enter the menu settings, then network settings then select WCDMA Only. Such an explanation of the problem of the signal edge Android continues to

d. android signals up and down
Causes signal Android up and down is because its Internet signal in your area it is so, the first solution is to relocate and the second is because the machine component signals are already damaged the Android up and down signal menyababkan

e. android cross signals
Causes signal cross is the first Android hasn't been inserted sim card, and the second slot simcardnya is broken. Thus the signal causes the android cross

f. the signal was lost when the android screen dead
Penebab Android signal lost when screen off or sleep mode that caused the operating system Android you are setting auto sleep. Please Ask at dukunnya. Teriamasih

So articles about Android no signal, the signal, the signal is not stable Android Android android, signal continues to edge up and down, and the signal was lost when the android screen is dead. thank

Updated: August 7, 2016 — 9:07 pm

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