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How to troubleshoot a dead total this time will discuss why a good android tablet and can totally off (dead total) which analyzed from various types of android to the table service.

Although this smartphone died but the damage is not necessarily the worst alleged us as users, it's just that we don't yet know the causes of and solutions to cope with equipment improvised.

General features of the android totally off we will discuss:

  • Before dying in a State of android battery weak, then dicas then left and taken turns would fit androidnya is already totally off.
  • Dicas do not want to go at all and no battery indicator mengecas.
  • Before the cas in the Mobile Connector loose so when dicas sometimes go in sometimes not, even should be diganjel.
  • Before totally off when dicas battery indicator battery run but did not increase even berkjurang.

Well from the above characteristics then this sequence of damage actually happened:

  1. Cas/usb connector've loose or ugly
  2. so the battery charging indicator, even though the cas path but not save battery because an already ugly cas connector.
  3. eventually drop and dry
  4. When the battery is dry then it can no longer through hole dicas charger
  5. because the battery is dry then android you cannot flame aka totally off.

Battery empty can't dicas again, the solution is desktop charger

The solutions address the android totally off:

  1. Replace the connector server that is already ugly, many engineers are just soldering rework this cas connector but eventually users will complain because it did not last long. So my advice to replace with a new one.
  2. Because the battery is dry can not dicas as usual, so dipancing use the power supply so that the battery output at least 3, 0V newly installed on your mobile phone then dicas as usual.
  3. If there is no power supply can use the desktop charger.
    CAs using the desktop charger
    Desktop charger
  4. Battery for android tabs soldered directly to the pcb Board, way off the solderan and the positive and negative cables each solder into the desktop charger and the new plug into electricity
    So android tab is not totally please read here.
    Solder the battery cables to the desktop
    Please read the steps on this page.
    The battery plant android tab
  5. After the battery contains at least two lines to solder back to Board pcb.
    Stages of coping andro who died.
    Already contains two lines
  6. Test turn on your android
  7. After burning tests also with charger is already saving or not.
  8. Completed

Solutions for Android software damage to read on how to hard reset android

Now readers already know the cause of the light adndroid why you can die without any obvious total, may be following the tutor so that androidnya could flare up again. Keep visiting here ya.

Updated: April 8, 2016 — 5:13 pm

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