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The best Application Launcher Windows Phone 8

An android smartphone is already missed by the existence of some launcher made and created by some developers to create user android smartphone to be not easily bored with the look of android that is too simple and quick to make android users become bored. Now just look at Google Play Store contained on your android, an awful lot of some launcher that is paid or not paid aka certainly free you can use and install on your android.

Currently the season for Windows which still belongs to the new Windows 8. Windows 8 on the smartphone, laptop or computer has a typical launcher and filled with color creations, so users not easily bored when using launcher from Windows 8. Maybe just one thing to be known by the launcher, that users need to learn to operate the launcher Windows 8 so as not to get confused while using it. Indeed the first to use the application launcher Windows 8 will be a bit difficult and confusing if the user has never been or is not yet accustomed to using Windows 7, but if it can it will feel easier and more elegant if using application launcher Windows 8.

Launcher Windows Phone 8 has some features that are very helpful and useful for you. To find out the features of the application further, could read some of the features below.

Features of Launcher Windows Phone 8

-can add some boxes with the color you want.

-can change the list view type list of applications on your smartphone.

-can change the number of rows box launcher on Windows Phone 8.

-can add avatar on your phone book file that you saved.

-can add or create a new widget on the screen box.

-Display Windows Phone 8 a very elegant, effective, and simple.

-and still lots of other interesting and unique features.

Below we have prepare links download application launcher Windows Phone 8 to embellish the look of your android smartphone.

Download AplikasiLauncher Windows Phone 8

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 3:04 pm

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