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The application of Google Street View Display 360 Degrees

Yesterday, our article already conveys one of the application send a message i.e. application Hangouts, founded by Google. Now we would like to introduce a new application from Google that is Google Street View. This application is indeed the name of Google Maps, but now Google released the Google Maps application into a more recent and certainly has its advantages as well as the new features than applications that used to be. Google Street View has the advantage, that user applications Google Street View can see 360 degrees with the view, the location of which are available will be marked with a symbol in blue.

Google Street View application does have a new feature and became the best applications, this application also experienced an increase as well as the progress is quite high. See the Google Maps application, previously only have size application around 250 KB in version, now the new Google Street View application in the year 2015, soaring into a size 30 MB. Certainly with the surge in height on the size of the application, the application has a sufficient pembeharuan rapidly. Below we will be showing some new features that are available in the Google Street View application.

Review on application of Street View On Google Maps

Application Features Of Google Street View

  • Can retrieve or create a photosphere using the camera itself.
  • Can set the photosphere.
  • There are also spherical camera support.
  • Can see the photosphere in various existing favorite locations in the world with ease.
  • The application now stands by itself.
  • Can see the results of the photosphere and Stree View photosphere created with other users as well.
  • And much more other new features.

The above is a variety of features which is owned by Google Street View application. For those of you sure you start android user curious with the features and convenience of application belonging to Google Street View, now you can try and download apps Google Street View for free. Below we've provided a link Google Street View application version 2.0 the latest 2015.

Please take the application Google Street Vi


Updated: April 10, 2016 — 1:39 am

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