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The application of the latest Music JOOX 2015 for Android

The rise of this type of music players currently making many parties vying creates applications that are spoiling the music listeners around the world. But sometimes there's just a music player application is less noticed several aspects which makes the listener feel "at home" music linger. If you want to listen to the full international licensed music should you download only the applications that launch JOOX on 20 October 2015 this yesterday via Google nor Playstore Play.

Some of the advantages claimed by JOOX is the availability of some features that make it easy and the mainstay of spoiling the music lovers.

With JOOX, you can listen to music that has been downloaded offline if a network is in place you are problematic. For those of you who love to sing but often forget the lyrics, just quiet, JOOX also provides Karaoke Lyrics. You can sing a new song together with your friends without the worry of wrong lyrics.

JOOX also allows you to insert an existing favourite playlist in your mobile phone. In addition, you can listen to music with quiet when you start sleepy. JOOX features the sleep timer you can set if you start sleepy so no need to worry if your music player will continue to play music when you have fallen asleep.

JOOX also provides updates of top chart and new releases that make us not be outdated again in terms of music. You can also choose your desired audio format, which is the highest HD quality with file size reaches 10 MB.

For your new registration will be given free song download of 30 days. There are approximately hundreds of songs that can be enjoyed on JOOX. Indonesia is the third country using this latest music applications after Malaysia and Hong Kong (place of origin application JOOX)

But the last thing you need to know is that you will incur a charge or fee amounting to approximately Rp 49,000/month to use this application. With the price of both is pretty cheap on the application, you can already enjoy the many features and facilities provided by the application JOOX. For those of you who want to sample the performance of the application, you can download the application below.

Applications for the Android Music JOOX

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 1:06 am

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