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The best and unique Lockscreen app Android

Android security now quite a lot of its kind and have the kind of security that the more unique and attract the attention of users of android. Indeed on android already comes equipped with a security feature that has quite a lot of options, such as code using the numbers to unlock android homescreen, the latter is the type of pattern to unlock android homescreen, the third is by way of shifting to the right to unlock android homescreen. If we use our first android smartphone, the average android user to use these features, but if the android users already know the existence of a variety of other security applications found on Google Play Store, certainly some of the android user want to try the application and would like to operate on Smartphones androidnya.

Further, our article on this day will give an information about some security applications a unique lockscreen and cool to you android user. Some types of lockscreen performed by android is indeed a long long time makes us bored because the lockscreen appearance gitu aja gitu and less attractive. With the presence of several developers who make applications lockscreen android users, it is also not a little download or upload application lockscreen that already he had made. Some applications that are interesting and unique lockscreen we will inform you, so that you can enjoy and make the lockscreen android you get better and doesn't make you quickly get bored with the lockscreen apps.

Some of the unique and exciting Lockscreen App for Android

  1. UK Flag Zipper A Screen Lock

This image gives the lockscreen apps lockscreen uniquely United Kingdom flag with the zipper down to unlock android homescreen. Below we've provided a link download a unique lockscreen for free for you.

DownloadAplikasi UK Flag Zipper Screen Lockscreen

  1. France Falg Zipper Lock

The lockscreen apps is almost the same as above, only the lockscreen appearance that distinguishes, for which it has a display of the flag of France.

DownloadAplikasi France Falg Zipper Lock

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 1:27 am

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