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Animated GIF Maker apps through Android

Now the season is an image format. GIF or simple motion picture which has a format that is. GIF. How to create animated motion proved to be as difficult as it is not difficult to make animated cartoons, because motion pictures will we share or we review our article today is about some application that can create an animated GIF. With some applications that can to make this animated GIF can make you a guaranteed more work because you would be making an animated GIF easily and certainly with some practical applications.

Below we've prepared a few list applications that can make GIF animation using android. You can download and install application applications this animated GIF image makers with easy and no doubt you can work in your favor. The following coverage of android application that can create animated GIF in android.

Some of the applications that you can use to create animated GIFs.

Application to create animated GIF on Android

1. Google Photos

This application is founded by Google, it turns out that this application can also make GIF animation i.e. combine combine photos and can include up to 50 photos will you create into a GIF animation.

Download Google Photos

2. GIF Me! Camera

GIF Me Camera application is able to create animated GIF to time duration about 14 seconds duration, so long enough and you can create GIF animation with a lot of style because the duration can be up to 14 seconds.

Download GIF Me! Camera 

3. GIF Creator

The name alone is already a GIF maker apps, yes no doubt this application can help you in making animated GIF via android.

Download GIF Creator 

4. GIF Camera

This application is not paid but the free that can help you in making a GIF animation using your android phone with easy and practical.

Download GIF Camera 

Here's some GIF maker apps through android, and you can easily create animated GIFs you use applications the application above.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 1:33 am

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