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The best Painting application Paid on Android

Drawing not only you can do in the picture or in other media, but now with the presence of a smartphone and dilengkapinya with apliaksi ArtRage can actually add one new image media, namely to draw or paint using the android smartphone. Before discussing what the usability and features of ArtRage applications, we should know a little about the history of a unique application and very helpful. ArtRage application was created by Ambient Design Ltd. This application can be used on android version 4.0 or older than version 4.0. Application of ArtRage is also updated on April 19, 2015. Well, after we know a little bit about ArtRage, application information now we discuss more about ArtRage for android applications.

Hone your skills in painting with the use of this application.

So, this app does offer a lot of features and outcome of a pretty good picture, and the picture of your pretty interesting results, and like the original image. In the application of various tools available also ArtRage you can use while you're painting a picture that you want to draw. Tools the tools provided are also quite varied and quite comprehensive, like when you paint a real in the real world. On the internet you can browse and find out the result of that application, guaranteed very satisfying and quite interesting. But it is not yet available or not berbayarnya free apps in Google Play Store. Google's Play on the Store, the application paid applications is ArtRage, the cost to buy and sample application ArtRage is only about Rp 60,000.

This application has a size of about 10 MB, quite a bit and in our opinion is also quite practical for mengirit android internal memory. For those of you who want to create new works and would like to try to do media paintings through the android application, you could buy ArtRage on Google Play Store, after that you can try the application and guaranteed results of such an application is very nice because of the many features available in the ArtRage applications.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 1:20 am

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