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Applications that are Required In your new iPhone

You just buy the new iphone? Mugkin the moment you're thinking, what applications are required on your new iphone. As a new user of this sophisticated smartphone, certainly you want your iphone can function optimally in filling your days either to help or just simply work as entertainers where they have free time. Well, the following applications are required in the new iphone you can make it more sophisticated and more interesting.

1. Google Map

When you buy the new iphone is actually in it there are already maps app, but there are features that are not as complete as the feature on google maps. There are areas that do not tercover the default maps app on the iphone especially remote locations. In addition to this feature on google maps will memermudah you in the search for a location, you can also enjoy features street views are just embedded google on this application.

2. Find my Iphone

Applications that are required in your next new iphone is the Find my iphone. You don't want to lose the iphone right? We recommend that you download this app on your iphone because the application has features that make it easy for you to find and secure iphone when missing as track the whereabouts of the iphone and bring up the sound so that you can know the existence of your iphone.

3. YouTube

The third application are required on your new iphone is Youtube application. These applications are very popular and can be used as entertainment for mengisdi your free time. You can watch a variety of videos from the funny to the horror of the show music or movies. In addition, you can also make a variety of videos that you have with menguploadnya to youtube.

4. Google Translate

This application is very useful especially for you who often come into contact with a foreign language well when reading an article on the internet as well as when to travel out of the country. There are over 30 languages from various countries which can be translated with this application including regional languages that existed in Indonesia such as Javanese, Sundanese, and Balinese.

5. Camera 360

360 camera application is camera application on the iphone that can be used to take pictures or photos and edit it so that the result is becoming more interesting. There are many features in this application, you can berselfie ria with the results of a photo that looks professional and is for sure you will be satisfied with the results.

That's a few applications required on your new phone that can be downloaded on the appstore or directly on the official website. I bet you have the more interesting for applications installed on an iphone than on some of the above applications, please share with write it in the comments field below.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 11:07 am

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