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Applications Are Required On A Low End Android

Applications are Required on a Low End Android – as the development of a technology that is increasingly rapidly, then the performance of the smartphone is also adapted to the needs of its users. In recent years, there have been many Smartphones that provided specifications quite sophisticated with reliable performance. The higher the Cpu power ranging from Dual-Core to Octa-Core, GPU, as well as increasing the capacity of RAM is getting bigger. But along with the more complete facilities, the price offered by the vendors is also increasingly expensive.

While for the user the middle class down, it seems only able to taste Android smartphone with a performance standard or even less. For example, a CPU capability is still low as well as the capacity of RAM is minimal, still a classic problem for class low-end smartphones. But that does not mean that Smartphones have a low-end class is not able to perform optimally. By installing multiple applications is important here, the performance of Android you will not disappoint even though it still has the standard specification. What are the applications? Check out the info below.


The first is the SuperSU application. This application is useful for performing root on your HH. What's the point of Root? Root very important functions for the low-end smartphone. Because of the absence of root access, we are not able to do modding and improve the performance of our Android to the maximum. But in some cases, there are also devices that can not be diRoot using the SuperSU application. Especially the smartphone Samsung type, and several other brands. You can use other applications like Frama Root, One Root, Root Root, Baidu Towell, or other Root applications. If your smartphone uses a MediaTek chipset type, you can do Root via a PC using the MTK Droid application Tool.


This is actually not the application. But rather the custom recovery installed to replace factory default recovery. To be able to install the CWM or TWRP, condition HH you must already diRoot. By installing CWM/TWRP, you can backup, restore, even install custom rom with quite easily. As for the how, every device sometimes have different ways. But for device class High End, most could be installing CWM/TWRP easily through the help of Rom Manager application which can be downloaded for free at Play Store.


This is one of the mandatory applications that must be installed in class low-end HH. This application will be very helpful for those of you who have a smartphone with a small internal memory. This application will be able to use to Link an application of internal memory, and move it in the external memory. So the capacity of the internal memory you keep loose and able to install many applications. Even this application also allows you to do push applications to a system, freeze an application, or delete the default application system. Manurut I, functions fairly complete this application and must you install. But to be able to create Links, you must create partitions on your external memory with Ext2, Ext3, Ext4 or. And to create the partitions, you can create a partition Links2SD easily via the Android Android application Partition Tools.

The Kernel Of The Auditor

In my opinion, this includes applications that are important enough and you have to install. This application has a range of features that are quite interesting. You can adjust the CPU, battery, knowing your device info, could even also did edit the build. prop, enable init. d, as well as virtual memory. But the virtual memory features as well as init. d, depending on the kernel you are using. In some cases, vitur this don't exist because the kernel does not support. The most unique, you can create a false info on your Android device. So when you see "About" in the settings menu of Android, all the info that appears you can create unique features help build edite. prop. You can change the name of the device, the name of a build, to change the version of Android. How? Quite interesting isn't it?


Well, for those of you who love to play games but the specs of your HH is less supportive, this application might be of help. GLTool is an application that is able to improve the performance of Android. This application will cheat the system by creating a system of reading as if the GPU that we use have a higher version than the GPU. Meanwhile, as we know, very important role for the GPU to process graphics, so when playing a game, the role of the GPU will be crucial. By installing GLTool and do some settings, as evidenced by some of the game's previous mental or lag, it can run even though it is still not perfect. But the cheer was enough to cure your curiosity.

Well, that's a few applications Required On Android Low End in my opinion. Personally, I've implemented this way on some devices. Like Samsung Galaxy Young 1, Advan T1H Vandroid, Vertu and X-Bo V1. And it all went pretty smoothly and proved to be able to improve performance. But remember, I can't guarantee how it is able to run well on any type of device, because my new apply only on some devices only. But there is no harm in trying, but you risk please own risk if unexpected things happen. Therefore, try to do a backup before you install all the applications above. Because all of the applications I mentioned, there are concerns the parts of the system. So the possibility of error because of the failure of the system may occur. Bermanfa'at best wishes and good luck.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 1:28 am

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