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Damaged phones-Want to tip for fellow techs in particular mobile phone technician and can also be applied to other electronic technician that the days in the process of her work not far from the use of an electric current.

It could be said most equipment technicians to use electricity, and equipment that could have been old or already damaged so that it leaks flow though a bit.

I never beberapakali also stung, from the electric light to almost never bounce due to shock hehe.

Following his tips, if any colleague who got extra please comment and later will I put in this article;

Provide the cable length to taste of the estimated nyentrum service tools (such as blowers, solder, even kesing the computer) to the floor, 

the base of the cable affixed in the bolt on kesing service tools (blower, computer cpu, or penyanggah the pcb Board of iron). While the end of the cables we put with nail in the planting to the floor (nailed it to the floor),

So, the cable as a medium case ground electric stepping on our service tools, it will be directly transmitted to the ground.

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That's a little tip to keep us not shock when hp nyervis, may be useful.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 2:30 pm

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