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BB 9000 Chinese does not detect the mmc

At the time of rapid market Blackberry in Indonesia so crowded also entered kloningan Blackberry this Chinese-made, although a cursory insubstantial similar but judging a little long then began ditemu a lot of difference. Please be advised as this replica china/Blackberry only replicate in part appearance are of course on the part of the operating system and hardware certainly cannot be compared at all.

Because of the many Blackberry models this replica on the market, then it is certainly many who enter the service desk with various damages that occur, ranging from ngecas, not bloated because of short battery life aka konslet, and other damage. If the issue of damages at the cas and the parts that do not require the replacement of components are still working on it especially tasty piece of software, but if like replace the lcd at that time often immediately rejected because sparepatnya is still difficult at that time.

Lucky if previously purchased the phones are dead so if needed spare parts and turned out to be the same as the hp die purchased last then it can be used to fix the hp sevisan, so indeed at that moment again, intense intense also accommodates hp china damaged for sale that will want to be used as spare parts make repair hp china who entered later.

Well back to the servisan, this time Blackberry 9000 replicas that use mtk cpu chip, it looks like the average Chinese contemporaries hp does not have a filter completely unlike phones that already have a brand such as Nokia, Samsung, and Blackberry. As Nokia, every UI given ic emif filter so in case of damage do not go directly to the CPU ic but hindered to the filter in the past so when should replace the component not to replace the cpu.

On the Blackberry 9000 china this happens damage eksternalnya memory slots, so when installed mmc will not read at all. Already undertaken improvements to standards such as purging its memory slot connector was not bearing fruit at all.

And to look for a filter ic memory does not exist, meaning its functionality directly to the cpu, and one more weakness of china mobile at the moment it looks like Tin used to attach BGA ic cpunya ic quality is especially unfavourable. The proof in case of hardware damage if we rehot the ic cpunya then the blower or the damage that would be done.

Sometimes after a long consumers will come back and complain, but when we replace the lead foot BGA cpu ic last will usually be durable. That is proving less good lead time, which is used as for his own ic is considered good because although forced by the heat a bit high at a time when the process of replacement then the damage will not occur.

Note: BB 9000 Chinese

Asked: Mounted micro sd card does not detect?


  • Clean the connector part of the mmc, still can not
  • Replace capacitors and resistors around the connector mmc, can but kumat back
  • Rehot the ic MTK, instantly detect
  • Test a day no problems
  • Completed

So the story about fixing the Blackberry 9000 Chinese-made replicas with MTK cpu chip damaged part can not read memory card.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 10:19 am

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