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BB Davis Totally Off No Voltage

BlackBerry totally off mounted power supply no response-continue the discussion from main articles i.e. 6 solution w davis 9220 totally off then I will update when there is incoming cases and accompanied by the fix because it is different from the cause certainly Bede is also a solution.

Enter w davis died with the traits:

  1. The condition of the engine still presentable
  2. Installed usb not detected at all on your computer
  3. Installed in the power supply GND and Vbat to the size of 2.3 v there is no incoming flow at all (in the picture, the pins No. 1 and no. 2)
  4. But if the plug of power supply to Vsys then will direct a short full (in the picture, the pin number 1 and number 3)
    Measures to cope with it can be viewed directly on your mobile phone is damaged.
    Check the short between the Vbat or Vsys w davis

The fix:

  1. Because we know that short in the area of Vsys one, so it is likely the capacitor there is nothing broken.
  2. Want to raise one-capacitor ic power around this will take a long time, because although that broke out just one but other connected capacitor as if short also when in the test a multitester.
  3. So grab a full batre, solder to GND (-) on the PCB and (+) on direct, for Vsys pake power supply not strong for a short full exception special PS.
  4. So for my case the capacitor broke straight out of the fire and the smoky and can be viewed instantly.
  5. This is a short part
    To overcome davis 9220 amper died is not the way.
    Capacitor broken-down w davis
  6. Your case may be a capacitor that short, so just use the technique this battery jumper.
  7. Having disposed of the direct flame led light
    For the full tutorial can visit the damaged cell phone blog page.
    Led flame after missing short
  8. And after a check with the lcd in normal loading ramp
    How full can be read on this blog.
    Successful loading
  9. Completed.
  10. For more information please read the ultimate Kick W Davis totally off

The article is already available in the form of eBooks, please Download the PDF 

So how to cope W Davis totally off that no reaction when mounted usb and power supply because of the short full in the area of vsys may be able to help colleagues who have experienced the exact same thing. Follow your mobile phone gets damaged to update other articles thank you.

Updated: April 8, 2016 — 7:34 pm

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