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The Blackberry solution can not open the Images in the Gallery

Why can't open pictures on a Blackberry Smartphone-this type of problems also loose-leaf not software of course disturb us as users, well the name mobile phones despite the different brands and types exist-there's only problem. But we have to figure out how to fix the error, does anyone know an error occurred not because of bugs from the vendor of this smartphone, which is one form of error it is we cannot open the image results in the menu camera snapshots Gallery.

Some indication of the damage:

  • Can't open image/photo either stored on the micro sd external memory aliases stored in the internal memory of w.
  • As bb also could not open video file.
  • Can not change the date/time settings
  • Cannot open the default memory
  • All the above bugs arise when turned on the language of Indonesia.
  • But if the setting was changed to the language of the United Kingdom then all is back to normal.
  • etc.

The cause is: Indonesia language versions that are used vary with the version of the Blackberry OS you have.

For example; Your BB OS version is v 7.1 but you installed the language of Indonesia with version 7, it does not inject the language when problems occur but the above bugs will appear after use.

The solution is:

  • Inject back into your Blackberry Indonesia language with the version of the terms used must be the same as the OS version of your bb.

Steps to inject the language of Indonesia Blackberry:

  1. Take the necessary files;
  2. Install the Blackberry desktop software to make your computer recognize your bb when connected via usb.
  3. Open BI software Injector
    Steps populate the language to blackberry learn more visit this page.
    BI Injectors
  4. On the upper tab select ' Ind ' Idioms (Indonesian Language)
  5. Then select OS version corresponds to the version of the Blackberry OS you are using, os4 os5 os6///os7/os 7.1
    Select the appropriate language version of the blackberry operating system with more information on this page.
    Select the appropriate version of the os bb
  6. Will open a new dialog and then press any key on the keyboard to your computer
    The complete tutorial please open phone blog page is broken.
    Press any key keyboard pc
  7. Plug the usb into your bb in the position on, and let the drivers installed for your bb
  8. The application will automatically install the Language data to your bb
  9. The application will be shut down automatically
  10. Your BB will restart
  11. After a blazing entry to default language
  12. Select the language of Indonesia
  13. The test opens the picture/photo gallery
  14. Good luck.

Reference for Blackberry you can read:

Updated: April 16, 2016 — 6:45 pm

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