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BlackBerry 8520 hank after change theme

This BB have adek ane, because passenger wifi on the counter direct download here and there. his bb themes downlkoad ga diliat again support what direct aja ngga mounted, ga bbnya direct taunya hank. Hadeh … in his direct technician kk minta benerin.

Rather than want her old OS install, ane searching first n turns out to be the solution that is to go into safe mode w.

How to enter ' safe mode ' blackberry;

1. Unplug The Blackberry Battery.

2. Wait approximately 30 seconds and then plug it back in (just like a Hard Reset)

3. So glowing red notification light immediately press back/exit

4. Hold the hold key back/exit until the boot process completes.

5. If this is successful then there will be a notification on the home screen

6. Just hit ok

7. Congratulations you've successfully signed in to "Safe Mode"

Then delete the application that causes his bb hank. Can direct fuel-an again him. hehehe


Updated: April 14, 2016 — 7:32 pm

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