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Latest Borcoran, one of the mechanics and tactics Clans Clash Of Project

Clans clash Of Project has the latest update which is increasingly simplify and make you more optimistic to develop your city. In addition to awarding mechanism and perform the update deployment shield or Shield called an Attacking and Defending. Supercell also developed a new tactic which he calls with Shield II – Vilage Guard and Personal.

Clans clash of Shield Project, II – Vilage Guard and Personal this is one of the latest updates from the developers that support the online time of each player. Village Guard it can serve as another option to prevent your city was attacked when you are not protected by the shield. Some mechanisms are as follows

  • When a Village Guard is active, then it is as though you are shown as currently online even though you no longer play
  • Village Guard is automatically active when the shield is up, this time village guard range between 15 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the player's League.
  • The player can still conduct attacks through the village guard without penalty or dikuranginya active time village guard
  • The two-hour time Bonus of village guard you can purchase by paying as much as ten gems/per day. When the village players is no longer protected by the shield during the 23rd hour cooldown.
  • Vilage Guard who is active you can disable at any time –
  • When you buy a shield through the shop then a village guard is automatically off.

In other words feature this assistance Guard Village time online. One example, when you are doing other activities such as eating, you can close the application after enabling clans clash of village guard first. In addition the village Guard also is helping to keep top level players can play without having to be made frustrated with slow internet, or hopelessly lost.

While personal breaks itself is one of the features that provide the time limit to players, how long they can remain online without protected shield. After warning appears, then the player will automatically kicked from the game to give time for the attackers launched the action. Some additional rules for Personal Breaks are as follows

  • This feature forces the players to be offline for six minutes after active for three minutes oniline. This is the result of three hours of online time or accumulation calculation time village guard without lindugan shield
  • Three hours of personal time to this break will be reset after player city erlindungi by shield
  • Buy two hours village guard of your store will be adding a time limit personal breaks for three hours to two hours
  • The three-hour limit personal break for players who are online will be delayed during the repair server occurs,
  • How very interesting isn't it one of the most recent update of clans clash of this project? There are some clans clash of another project which we will explain in the next post
Updated: April 10, 2016 — 5:11 am

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