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Broken SIm Card Slot brass-Sim Card or sim card is a product of the selluler operator is used for various purposes such as nelpon, SMS, and internet. One of the developments of information and communication technology.

SIMcard or sim card can be called also microchip mounted on mobile phones or other devices to use. So if the simcard only certainly not useable by therefore requires a device that provides a sim card slot such as mobile phones, modems and more.



Apart from the above terms of use other sim card is the availability of pulse or packet. With pulse or package as package nelpon, sms and the internet. So the point is to use the sim card must meet other supporting factors such as mobile phones, modems, and pulse. With those factors that simcard can be used.

As for the will be discussed in the article this time among other things causes hp can't read sim card, sim card connector broken, brass slot sim card sim card slot is broken, broken modem, sim card slot, the service price and the cost to replace the samsung sim card slot. Here we will describe:

a. Causes Hp can't read Sim Card

There are several causes of Hp can't read sim card. The following urainya:


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1. Damaged Card
The card is corrupted or damaged Sim card can only cause Hp can't read Sim Card. To identify this problem, please insert the sim card into another hp. If all hp can't read sim card means the damage is on the sim card. The solution to this problem please replace Your sim card with a new Sim Card.

2. Cell Phone Programs
Damage to the program caused by viruses could have damaged sim card driver menyubabkan which indicates that hp can't read Sim Card. The solution of this problem is to please You re-program your phone or commonly called by flash Hp

3. Corrupted sim card connector
Connector sim card damaged sim card connectors such as broken, broken sim card slot brass could just cause hp can't read Sim Card. For more details please his further reading.

b. Broken sim card connector

Connectors or connection perupakan set of tools connecting from one device to another device while the sim card connector is a liaison from the phone to the sim card in the form of brass layer arranged neatly. With connector sim card sim card that can be read by mobile phones or hp.

1. Brass Broken Sim Card Slot
To overcome a broken sim card slot brass is by changing the sim card connector. The connector will use a blower or a solder once it was replaced with a new sim card slot. So how to fix broken sim card slot brass.

2. A broken modem Sim card slot
As well as how to fix broken sim card slot brass i.e. by way of replacing the connector/slot with the new connector. Here's how the old connectors off and install the new connector. So how to fix a broken modem sim card slot.

c. The price of the service sim card slot

Cost Replace sim card slot is not too expensive. If you want to succeed You just buy enough own slot sim card mobile phones that cost 5 to 15 thousands. But if you want to receive mengguanakn, alias kilter handyman Services service, then the cost will certainly be more expensive.  The price of service slot sim card or sim card slot servicing costs in price depending on the mobile telephone.

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1. kind of like a lower class Hp nokia 105 and so it costs around 40 up to 50ribuan

2. Hp type class expensive as samsung oppo and others cost up to 50 70ribuan.

So the price of the service or the cost of the sim card slot replace card slot sim samsung, oppo, android and so on.

So we have a short article describe i.e. about broken sim card connector, brass slot sim card sim card slot is broken, broken, cost replace modem slots sim card samsung, sim card slot service costs, and causes hp can't read sim card. We say thank you.

Updated: November 24, 2016 — 10:20 am

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