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Jumper cables are used for flexible

Jumper cable to download the correct hp-jumper is usually often we get a broken cell phone cases at the keypad, and once we check it turns out flexible keypad his already fractured. So is the lcd that uses flexible or too flexible for cell phone slide, thus required techniques how to jumper hp is correct.

Then we will apply the correct jumper technique to a few cases indeed can be fixed using this technique.

Terms of jumper cable can we use, among others;

  • Thin and the size of the line will be dijumper
  • The cord has isolation, so it will not cause konslet after wiring in solder.
  • The cord is strong and not easily given up, so that once installed and used by consumers could be long lasting.

These terms and we can get on a used original headset cables, so if there is a headset original that we can use in order to be a jumper cable.

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The first reviews of cable jumper for use on flexible and others.

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 11:42 pm

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