Mobile Damaged

Mobile Repair Solution


Create a special technician or experienced in the repair of mobile phones good software as well as hardware, offers cooperation to interested readers to write articles related to repair of hp.

Please submit articles how to mobile phone service to this blog.
Submit articles to


  1. Writing a minimum of 200 words
  2. Included pictures results photos myself (for hardware) or a screenshot of a computer (for software)
  3. His own writings are original


  • For each article are suitable we will send pulses of 5 thousand to the number you want
  • Your article will be read by the people who need it
  • Your article will be published on
  • The more articles that received the many pulse goes into your numbers.

Here's how:

  1. Create an article using the word with your servisan/photo capture screen to software articles
  2. send to email us at
  3. include also a mobile number will be charged pulse if your article is accepted
  4. give the comments below if you already submit articles
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