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Here there are still don't know with strategy game is being these phenomenal? If you still do not know, then you should try the game Clash Of Crime Clans from this Supercell. Why is it necessary? Because this one strategy game turned out to be reaped many successes that can attract the gamers game players or Smartphones, especially Android game. Why this one game can be said to be a popular game? Because of this Clash Of gaming Clans are already more than 500 million times download gamers that is widespread in the world. Indeed this game comes with a free, however the word free here does not mean the usual game, but the game is super cool.

Though presented with free, but not all of it can be felt. Because in the game is also a COC offers a variety of items that you can use are paid. This is certainly to be a desire for the players. Where players can buy gems that can be used to speed up the development process, upgrade the troop, and so on. But for part of these gems, you are given an interesting dish to can get it for free. How do you do? IE by following the instructions in the game Clash Of Clans as well as clearing the trees and rocks are also present on the game with patience. But for those of you who want to get a lot of gems in a quick, you can buy gems already lots of seller, seller services like gems Clash Of Clans.

For those of you who often play games strategy games, usually the COC will automatically update itself when there is a notification to do the update. You're expected to always perform updates against the Clans Clash Of gaming on your smartphone, why? Because of the myriad features that you'll get when you upgrade. What are the features of the game Clash Of Clans that this latest?

  • You can build the village into a fortress that would be hard to be defeated.
  • You can menaiikan your own army fighters such as Hog RIders, Dragons, Wizards, Archers, Barbarians, fighters and other terntara.
  • Hold a war or battle against the COC game player in the world, so you can take their Cup-trophy.
  • You can join other players to form a clan.
  • Do battle with the rival clan fighting that you can do on the Clan Wars.
  • You can build unique unit 18, you can do it in varying levels for the upgrade.
  • You can attack with using your favorite soldier performed by a combination of forces, the heroes unlimited, spells, and also the Clan bala.
Updated: April 10, 2016 — 5:17 am

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