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The mobile phone is damaged – for technicians course are familiar with the pile the rest of the drain from the engine hp, from pcb Board, kesing, reinforcement, even the worn battery hp secondhand from a failed servisan and then sold by the got. Or indeed because it was never buy hp-hp die create spare part material made kanibalan made membetulin hp similar later.

Just imagine if that stack already a year, certainly more and more. Indeed most of the contents of pcb and components of reinforcement machine hp can still be used and utilized again, such as; buzzer, speaker, mic, headset, cas connector plugin, even if there are any ic its same servisan components are sometimes still be utilized. Because the ic revoked directly from kanibalan sometimes the quality is better than the new ic is sold over the counter.

About 3 months ago there were people coming up want to nyari hp engine/pcb traces that he appreciated his per kilo to Rp. $ 10, yes it's been directly dikumpulin old hp engines that already can not be used anymore and accumulated 2 kg more. Then he asked the former batteries anyway, we give you direct anymore, hehehe because former hp battery last already piled in heaps of kanibalan hp.

Today happens to be there, we daily Dustman right given kesing-kesing former hp cannot be used again, there may be a 6 kilos. important store atmosphere comfortable and fragrant. Let cozy nyervisnya.

The actual machine holding pcb hp is still the message if there is still a stock he gonna come again by giving his mobile number, but the present era kanibalan hp is very necessary. So, rather than sold kilogram, it is better stored later components from hp will be required later create mobile phone service. Because right now the smartphone era, both the Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Tablet, just a pity that the kilogram is sold engine pcbnya.

So the little vent from your mobile phone faulty time selling secondhand hp engine that was not used again with prices fit for that type of engine hp jadul.

Updated: April 16, 2016 — 12:59 pm

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