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COC Live Action Movie Who Awaited His Fans

For those of you who are already very long play games the COC of course had time to think about how this COC Yes if there was a movie out? would like what ya his COC films? of course there are some people who think so. Well, we can find Clash of Clans trailer movie played by human beings that we can search in Youtube channel.

Bellpond Films is one of the channel on Youtube that serves Clans Clash of movie trailer action live action and it turns out that getting an awful lot of view on Youtube. They claimed to make this trailer because indeed they are a fan of games, the COC.

 Article about the clash of clans

COC is the epic strategy game that can be played in real time. This game can also be used as a quality film to the big screen cinema. The game format is rural and kentalnya ancient Roman elements in it will certainly make us would be very interested in playing it and watching the original movie series.

Idea of Bellpond Films issued his live action movie COC certainly opened my eyes of the Supercell to actually manage the movie live action for later his COC can ditanyangkan on the big screen. Supercell party itself claims to have collaborated with the home movie production in Hollywood filmmaking this COC.

After the first live action trailer made by Bellpond Films in fact they will be releasing the next trailer connected with old trailers. Well, this is all of course after the Supercell provides an opportunity for Bellpond Films participated in work on the film that would aim to broadcast to the big screen.

Live action movies COC is certainly will give you a new view to us and will make our increasingly nge-fans course with COC games. Game model of COC itself just sure we can already imagine how the excitement of the film later. Although willing to given elements of parody if the audience already know some of the characters will make the film later this is still attractive and can keep its presence in the highly anticipated screen glass.

Updated: April 22, 2016 — 6:38 am

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