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Here is some code factory reset factory settings restore to aliases in mobile phones to china, but keep in mind this code only applies if the default code has not been changed so the meaning of the Chinese mobile phone users has yet to make a new password to lock your phone.

And this code also applies to the usual Chinese phones, so does not apply to china, because of the Android smartphones to Android operating system already has its own way in trying to restore to original settings that serve to open code, restoring both themes, ringtones, and setting the laiinnya so that the naiveté of completely back to ready.

If we have a China phone which suffered damage in the form of software, hank, heavy loading, restart, etc. We recommend that you do the factory reset first, and its code;

  1. 1122
  2. 2233
  3. 3344
  4. 1234
  5. 0000

Please try one by one, the origin has not changed its code, is applicable to mobile phones made in China, both the Chinese nokia sonyericsson phones replica or replica.

And if it turns out the default code already replaced then it can be done with flash format and process using special flasher box hp china, but if you don't then it can be memiliknya using the flashtool.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 11:28 am

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