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The mobile phone is broken-it is already accustomed to occur in the scope of the market especially in the field of counter hp, each counter has special fields respectively. For example, there are special cards sell prime operator pulsa voucher along with the strings, there are only selling electrical pulses and has its own server, there is a focus on the new hp's sales, there is a focus on selling hp second, there is a mobile phone service that prioritizes but just hardware alone, there is also a mobile phone service but covers ranging from software or hardware.

No denying also of the many counter hp, there is also which includes whole, yes ranging from accessories, spare parts, servicing, electrical pulses, so servers anyway complete konternya. Well from there for those who do not have a completeness then can come to the counter that have goods and given a price counter.

Similarly, in the field of repair of the phone, the growing number of technicians who participated in mobile phone service make the counter Broken Phones also accept servisan coming from another counter, of course the price or fare provided tailored and worn lower than directly to the end user. So any other counter will benefit from the difference given to consumers, and we benefit by the quantity of the lot. Because a single counter can bring 10 seed hp be repaired once it comes.

If the current year at the time when this article was updated again i.e. 2015, there's been a division of tasks within the mobile telephone services let smoothly. There is a focus on the improvement of my own hardware and take servisan with damage to software.

Some types of damage the hardware on the mobile:

  • The connector server, usually in the form of usn direct charger easy once it became damaged and damage to the subscriptions table service.
  • Could not ngecas, so cas connector good but hp can't ngecas.
  • Ngecas can but does not store, so when casan is plugged into the hp then battery indicator appears to indicate a phone started doing overcharging a battery should be normal on the hp will increase. but on a mobile phone broken like this, the battery will not be incremented instead remaining battery charge in fact diminished.
  • Broken touchscreen
  • Broken LCD
  • HP died, which causes amcam-kinds ranging from slammed or falling, since when konsleting dicas, there are also due to kehujanan or associated with water (water damage)
  • Short/konslet, so hp is still a flame but hp was hot when teutama dicas. And usually causes no batteries durable easy fast discharged the battery.
  • Soak the battery, if this easy living just replaced the battery with a nicer quality are usually advised to use battery with double frills ic or double power. Because the existing battery this paper on packingnya usually the quality is better and more lasting.
  • Other damage.

Some kinds of keruskaan software on your mobile phone:

  • Forgot phone lock code or code pattern. Usually have a cell phone or smartphone that want to keep privacy on your phone will activate one of the security features in the mobile telephone by providing telephone code, but may be a password or pol he made complex so forgotten demian and finally her cell phone could not be used and must be repaired.
  • Hank logo, so the phone can be turned on but cannot get into the menu or homescreen from the mobile phone or smartphone. It usually occurs due to excess charge internal memory, either because of too many applications installed or due to viruses and such.
  • Died, this is a rather severe, damage to operating the system was too severe so as to ignite already can no longer. Then it can be fixed by doing the process of flashing using flash files tailored to mobile phones that have been damaged. Death total could also be due to wrong processing perbikan software, for example, was willing to go to code but because of wrong procedure so his being totally off aka death total.
  • Imei code is lost, if the imei number is missing then the function of the operator's sim card becomes unusable, such as incoming or outgoing sms, incoming as well as outgoing calls, and use of data in no way can be operated.
  • Error in most applications, so the mobile telephone can be a flame and most of its features can be used normally. But unfortunately there are some applications that can not be used, such as; the music player is not the way, calculators, cameras could not open error, could not log in, galleries and other damage.
  • And other keruskan.

So why colleagues particularly in Prabumulih Sumsel who already have a counter but nerima servisan, please come to our shop.

Updated: April 16, 2016 — 12:52 pm

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