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Coping Andro Stuck After Be Flashed.

Coping Andro Stuck After be flashed. – have you ever had problems on Android you so to do flashing? Of course most of you never experienced it, especially for those of you who enjoy modding Android. The error usually occurs on Android could be caused because we are messing with the system, or perform certain applications, or isntallasi can also occur without any obvious cause. Essentially, the error on the Android that can afflict anyone with reason.

Of course when the Android experience error like bootlop, the way only the easiest thing to do is to do a restore from backup via CWM. It also if you have a backup before. So what if you don't have a backup? Maybe you can do by way of factory reset is via CWM, this way most likely to succeed. But what if it doesn't work or the condition of your HH still ori so cannot enter CWM? Then the only way is by way of flash.

If after doing the flashing back on android you instead error then read this.

Flashing is usually done with a re-install of the program's original factory default/firmware on the Android device in question. So all the modding or error that occurs in the system, can be lost until it has been completed. However it turns out, is not forever flashing process goes smoothly. Sometimes the results obtained do not solve anything. In some cases, there are some people who complain that they have HH stuck or stopped on the icon logo though has been in flash. Then, what exactly is the cause?

Android causes Stuck After be flashed.

For the exact cause, I do not dare to guess. However if I conclude from my personal experience, the cause is probably the same as I experienced. I never done flashing the Android device in China, I took stock of the original rom which I downloaded from the internet. When I do the flashing via SP Flash Tool, all went smoothly without any error messages until the process is complete. After process flashing finished, I unplug the USB then I plug the battery and I try to turn it on. First I felt excited, because the Android started there are signs of life after so long suspended animation.

But my joy is not durable, because after I had been waiting for, the logo image that emerges is not also lost. After nearly 10 minutes I leave it, eventually I am sure that the experience Android device stuck so that only lit up logo. I myself feel confused, why this could happen? When I do the flashing with stock rom of the original default factory. Could there be that I have missed? Out of curiosity, I tried to find out. After some time I did my investigation, I finally found the problem that might be the cause of Android stuck after be flashed..

How To Fix Android Stuck After Be Flashed.

After I noticed, in SP Flash Tool there is one part that is missing so that it is empty. That is in the cache file. It's actually reasonable, because the original ROMS should indeed have no cache because like was new and had never been used. While the problem caused my HH error, there may still be linked with the cache file. So because in the original ROM no file cache, then the Cache on an Android device is still not clean and still keep cache data system the old one untouched because of flash. Because of this conclusion, I do a test run. This time I was browsing and searching the Stock Rom from another backup device with the same type of HH.

Long story short, I found them even though it requires a bit of patience. After that I try to open the Flash Tool, SP and open file scater Stock Rom last I downloaded. And as it turns out, all the complete file including the file cache, and then I tried to do flashing. After the flash is complete, I unplug the USB, I plug the battery and I try to turn it on. And as it turns out, Android I could live a normal life again as readily. Since this ROM backups belonging to other people, I'm back doing factory reset via the settings menu so that the data is completely clean. And after that, Android is stuck above normal as the original factory settings.

How? Does my case this could give you inspiration? However, not all cases are the same. This is just according to my personal experience only. Even for some Android devices like the Samsung for example, the occurrence of stuck after insurmountable be flashed. in a simple manner. That is to go into recovery and do a factory reset via recovery. However, this only works for some device, but there is no harm in your trying. Good luck.

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 1:30 pm

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