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Easy Tips How To Root LG G2 Smartphone

How to root LG G2 smartphones typically used to access and manage the full of your smartphone. By doing root you can delete any unneeded applications and takes a lot of memory on your smarpthone. With a little memory capacity, this will affect the speed of your smatphone. Android smartphone you will be freed from slow, hang, or applications suddenly shut down or not responding.

Basically the smartphone is equipped with internal memory has a capacity of reasonable usage. When you download the application it too much, it will affect the capacity of your internal memory usage. More and more applications that you download and install the more internal memory anyway. Not only that, your smartphone will become very slow because too many applications installed. The Smartphone also comes with provisioning systems and applications. You may not use the google chrome application too because it's too big and heavy. However, you cannot delete the application when your smartphone is not yet in the root.

Root which do indeed is not too important for a user or user smarpthone. Some people prefer to let the standard settings without having to change him. There are also people who want to mengotak cell phone androidnya atik, he finally had to do a root on the system androidnya. One of them is how to root LG G2 smartphone we should.

The following is a list of LG G2 in the root can use this zip package:

  • At T & G2 (D800)-D80010d
  • Verizon G2 (VS980)-VS98010B (The Shipping ROM)
  • Verizon G2 (VS980)-VS98011A (OTA)
  • T-Mobile G2 (Shipping ROM)
  • KT F320k (Shipping ROM)
  • Rogers D803 (Shipping ROM)
  • Bell D803 (Shipping ROM)
  • Telus D803 (Shipping ROM)
  • D802 OPEN (Shipping ROM)

Then how to root LG G2 smartphone? the following step – stride

  1. The first step you should do is download bahanya at the following url Open the url and then download. Wait until the download process is complete
  2. The second step, the uncertainty you have the proper USB driver mengintall and your smartphone in a fashion that is right one for example to Verizon, then use the mode menu settings on the ethernet PC.
  3. The next step aktivkan Developer and USB Debugging mode
  4. Once finished extract the zip file that you have downloaded. Wait until the process of extract of berarkhir
  5. Next run the URRoot.bat
  6. Once you start, you will be prompted to disconnect the USB connection, disable USB Debugging for a while, and a few moments of setah you will be prompted to activate it again and again to install the usb mobile phone.
  7. Wait a few moments, and you will find a question "do you want to install Superuser?" you can accept and reject, we recommend to receive.

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Very easy is not it? By means of this root LG G2 smartphone you can already have a right of full access to your smartphone. Hopefully our tips here useful.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 12:51 am

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