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Easy Tips On How To Block Ads On Android

When you're playing games, ads that suddenly appeared very disturbing your playing activity.  Actually you can fix the pop up ads that appear with how to block ads on android. Ad blocking can be done by using a variety of applications that have been available on the playstore. However, in some applications, your smartphone must be root to run the application. We will explain how to block ads on android without having to be in the root application NoRoot Firewall.

Advertising on android applications are essentially one way an author that application to get the money.  When a user or application pemakain clicking on the ads that appear, then it is automatically a creator or maker of the application directly earn money. It is that drives almost every free android application there are always commercials unless you buy or pay for that application. Although it is not too expensive, but certainly more free applications an option than paid applications. Then how to overcome ads that often appear and disturb? the easiest way is to turn off your internet data, but this way all incoming chat automatically you can not read. Then is there a way of turning off advertising without having to turn off internet data?

How to block ads on android is the easiest you can do without having to turn off the data application is to use internet NoRoot Firewall. You don't have to do the root on your android phone to run this application. Application NoRoot Firewall can be used to turn off the data connection the internet on an application or game in order not to suck up your internet data. Internet data used in an application will usually bring up advertising – ads that interfere with the time you run android applications.

NoRotFirewall is an application that can restrict or give the wall so that your internet connection is not stolen by android applications that you run. Stolen internet quota is typically used to retrieve information from your phone then give back information, usually presented in the form of advertising.

How to use this application is so easy. You simply open the playstore then search NoRoot Firewall. See you after download and install the application. Once the application is open you can simply view the list of applications or games that have been installed on your android. To allow applications to access data on the internet, then select a mode in the position allow or green check. Whereas if you do not allow the application to access internet data andacukup turn off or block the internet access of the application with select deny or Red Cross.

How to block ads on android is very easy is not it? First, you do not need to root android to run apliakasi. Hopefully easy tips how to block ads on android is beneficial.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 12:53 am

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