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Explanation Of The Error SP Flashtool page will be filled with the error message that appears when we're going to flash on Android china with chip MTK Flashtool SP use, because often when we do the flashing error message appears not familiar so long making the repair process on your smartphone.

Because it is pretty much the message will be updated later if other errors found make ngambil screenshotnya let easy to understand.

Explanation of error message on MTK SP Flastool:


Pop-up error message list at the time of ngeflash using sp flashtool.

    • s-chip type not matchs (3168) means that the firmware that you use different number MTK with mobile phones that you will flash. Your example will flash Samsung Note 3 replica N9000 chip MT6572 but you are using firmware Note 3 N9000 MT6589 chip as well but it will pop up an error message like this.
    • Solution: use the firmware with the same chip with the android chip that will be flashed..
  1. PMT changed for the ROM; It must be downloaded.

    The solutions address the error messages are changed on the pmt sp flashtool

    • PMT changed for the rom: it must be downloaded, meaning the format that will be flashed. scatter different with your mobile phone.
    • The solution please first format like images

      More information please visit this page.

  2. BROMINE ERROR: S_COM_PORT_OPEN_FAIL (1013) F[COM]ailed to open the COM port. [HINT:}

    To cope with bromine can be seen in error here.

    • S_COM_PORT_OPEN_FAIL (1013) F[COM]ailed to open the COM port. This kind of error message appears because the connection between the mobile phone with the computer fails, it could be less good usb cable or battery shift.
    • Solution: Unplug the wires then remove the battery and plug it again and then repeat the process flashnya. If necessary replace cable and check the betarai still contains.

    How to cope with s fthndfile is not loaded yet (5007) on this page.

    • S_FTHNDFILE_IS_NOT_LOADED_YET _ (5007) this message comes up because one of the files that diceklist yet terload file
    • Discard the check list that is not the file if it is not needed, or load the file if needed …

      The intent of p0-esan errors that appear in the sp flashtool


    Error code at the time of the flash using the flashtool sp.

    • Message s ft enable dram fail (4032) this arose because the flash files that you use still does not match the type of your smartphone, because in some cases even though the same brand but kind of preloader and scatter is not appropriate.
    • Common in the chip MT6572
    • The solution continues to try another file
  5. SP FLASHTOOL ERROR: (8038) 

    Explanation the flash time arror flashtool

    • SP Flashtool error (8038), sp version flashtool because the cause is that you use not yet support for hp you will flash.
    • Use the latest version of sp flashtool.
    • For error code BROMINE ERROR: S_FT_FORMAT_FAILED (4010) it because his unsuitable PMT range on a scatternya file, please download the firmware from another.
  7. Error: Initializing scatter files filed. Please check the name of the file which you scatter load is legal 

    Solution of Initializing scatter files filed. When using sp flashtool.

    • Error: Initializing scatter files filed. Please check the name of the file which you scatter load is legal, the cause because software sp flashtool you use does not support his version.
    • The solution is to use the latest version Flashtool SP, for the latest version please see the link back in the first paragraph of this article there is a link the writing please click Flashtool SP.
  8. S_DL_PMT_ERR_NO_SPACE (5069) 

    Some error messages when using the flashtool including s dl pmt err no space (5069)

    • S_DL_PMT_ERR_NO_SPACE (5069), there are two possibilities that menyebabka the appearance of this error: first because files scatter is not suitable, so please download another scatter contained fit the PMT, the latter because the hardware is damaged.
    • BROMINE ERROR: S_STORAGE_NOT_MATCH (3182) does that mean you would flash rom for your phone is not compatible
    • The solution please download again the rom that actually correspond to the version of your phone because although the same brand but different versions of buildnya common in MT6572.
    • don't forget also to install Vcomm drivers.
    • BROMINE ERROR: S_FT_DOWNLOAD_FAIL (4008) usually appear at the time of the flash process where the address on the scatter symbol does not correspond to the partition in the mobile telephone, or also the file image is greater than what is listed in the scatter.
    • The solution please use the latest version of SP Flashtool.
    • Use the scatter file that corresponds with the file that you will flash. For example, you want flash recovery, then use the provisioning of scatter file recovery, or also you want to flash a custom rom then use scatter that comes bundled with a custom rom.
  11. S_FT_DA_NO_RESPONSE (4001)
    • S_FT_DA_NO_RESPONSE (4001) meaning flashtool cannot respond to command because there is no corresponding information from DA (Download Agent), or it could be problems from the computer.
    • Solution use the SP Flashtool specifically for OPPO, if still then use another computer
  12. To be continued …

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Updated: April 8, 2016 — 4:55 pm

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