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Factory Reset Advan T5-A Via The Menu

Delete data in the t5a-Advan process is very easy to do if you want to delete all the data you ever save in tablet brands, such as; photos, contacts, incoming and outgoing sms, video. So did a third party application that you have downloaded and installed the following settings you've created will disappear and return to the settings first.

Stages of doing a factory reset to advan t5a manual without the pca and without going into recovery mode.

Factory reset the differences we discuss with the hard reset factory reset is, if we do by using a menu that is already provided by the android os is in a State of normal burning, while we do a hard reset phone outages in the State by going to the Android system recovery.

For hard resetny please read how to hard reset Advan T5-A

How to factory reset Advan t5a:

  1. Turn on the tablet
  2. Select the Menu in the top right corner
  3. Select Settings
  4. Select back up & reset
  5. Select factory data reset (on the right)
  6. This will remove all data from your mobile phone's internal storage, including;
    • Your Google Account
    • Data systems and apps and settings
    • Apps downloads
  7. To remove the music, pictures, and other user data storage, the phone needs to be removed.
  8. Check the Delete the phone storage (delete all data on the phone storage, such as music or photos)
  9. Select reset phone
  10. Follow the on-screen instructions
  11. Wait for your tablet will restart several times and erase data
  12. After the completion of automatic tablet will turn on normally.
  13. Completed

Keep in mind before doing this process the battery 50% filled in order to survive during the reset, and please save to first datas that you deem important.

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Thus the steps do factory reset Advan T5-A manual without pc and without entering recovery mode, hopefully can help readers who need it.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 12:41 am

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