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Firmware Nokia 3110 c RM-237 V 7.21 BI Only

Firmware Nokia 3110 c rm-237 version 7.21 Indonesia-language to the article this time Damaged Phones will share blog flash files or Indonesia language-specific firmware for Nokia 3110 c type, although this phone model jadul aka first era but who knows there is still that drove him to the table service we make on-flash. And also there may be a new install computer so data missing firmware then need to browse again to ngambil firmware Nokia one by one like it used to be has also been updated.

For that please follow this blog to get updates of the latest Nokia firmware various types and the old ones too, so when this blog updates articles then you will get a notification in your email or on your fb.

Phone Name: Nokia 3110 c

Product Type: RM-237

Firmware Version: 7.21

Variant ID: 1,358,199,066

VARIANT Name: 3110 c Rm-237 Apac-x, Stroke, Black

Product Code: 0514959

Please stored in the same folder so that one didetek automatically by your flasher box, but if want to enter it manually you can take its main file only, namely; MCU, ppm and cnt. Thus the article firmware for Nokia 3110 classic may be helpful.

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 1:54 pm

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