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Flash Samsung Champ C3303i via usb without box

Explanation of how to flash samsung champ via usb without box

This time the discussion was about how to flash samsung champ c3303i without the box by using the Flash loader software to repair the damage, the death total, blank, hank, phonelock, etc.

Firmware For Samsung Champ C3303i = Firmware Samsung Champ C3303i

Driver for samsung is already contained in the Flash Loader (first file)

How to Flash Samsung Champ C3303i via usb without the box =

1. extract the results of download, then run the Flash URloader.exe

2. Click SET MODEL-select URC3300_LIBRE_Setting_v02.mdl >

3. Check the Application binary file-browse to URC3300KJP.ptt > (located in the C3303KJPJI2 folder)

4. TFS check File-Browse to file > tfs

5. Check the CSC File-Browse to > file. csc

6. For hp is locked should select ' erase ' option to choose the full/all regions ' Complete '

7. Click on Start

8. Hp's position in the State of the dead and the battery attached.

9. Press and hold the volume down key + lock key (do not coincide, give pause a bit)

10. Koneksikan hp on your computer using the data cable, if the exit dialog to ask for drivers, point it to the folder directly Flash loader.

11. the process of flash will run on mark "downloaded files"

12. After running you can release the button volume down and lock key

13. wait until the process is complete, the flash will run approximately 20 minutes

14. If completed, disconnect the connection on hp computer

Description Flash Samsung Champ C3303i via usb without box

For the mobile telephone got simlock (not the phonelock) and can not this way then read how to unlock Samsung Champ with HWK box.

So the article on how to Flash a Samsung Champ C3303i via usb without a box, we wish you a successful completion of the repair of a broken samsung hp against parts of the software.

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Updated: April 10, 2016 — 2:03 am

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