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Get to know the various Clans Clash Of Tools Traps?

What is clash of clans tool traps? What are the traps on the clash of clans? In general clash of clans have two models games namely offense and defense. You can perform attacks on the town of opponents by bringing some troops to destroy the city's opponents in order to get a resource like Gold, Elixir, and dark Elixir. But you can also be attacked by forces opposed to the city so that you can be destroyed.

This is what makes the game interesting clash of clans. You not only told to membangunan powerful attacks, but you are also forced to build fortifications are strong and impenetrable. In building a strong defense you need to pay attention to the layout of the building as well as the placement of the building's defence that fit. Errors in the layout can create the city's defenses you become weak, making it easy to be destroyed.

One of the elements to improve your defense is to use Tools Clans Clash Of Traps. Traps as the name implies is a trap or snare actively to increase the effectiveness of your city's defence. There are some traps in the clash of clans, the following explanation

Bomb it

The bomb is one of the cheapest types of traps which can be activated by hidden, and cannot be seen by the opponent. When troops opposed to the radius bomb then automatically bomb will explode after 1.5 seconds once triggered. The impact of the bomb was not too big, but when placed in the right position, enough bomb impact

Spring Traps

Spring traps are one of the most well laid traps near the Town Hall. Spring traps serve to turn the forces opposed to the mengincak trap. Sprint can turn traps 15 troops at once after step on an opponent. However the disadvantage he can't turn a heavy forces such as PEKKA, Golem, or Heroes

Giant Bomb

Giant Bomb is a very powerful traps atu as well as provide enough impact is terrible for your opponent. Giant Bomb will explode once triggered by troops. Blast from Giant Bomb will give impact Splash within a radius of 3 tiles or more. Giant bomb damage is not playing for example there are 200 barbarian or archer on the area of coverage of giant bomb exploded then the 200 troops will be gone in an instant of time.

Water Bomb

Water bomb is a version of the usual bomb but are intended for air strikes, the impact caused is not too large but very effective to destroy air attacks at level 3 kebah like a balloon.

Seeking Water Mine

Similar to Giant Bomb on a ground attack, seeking the water mine is the bomb dijukan for the air strikes. Impact brought about directly killing one army flying opponents. However this is not the case when opponents issued a dragon with a high level.  But still provide considerable dampakyang.

That's several marine traps in the game Clash of Clans, make traps with it as well as to improve the good defense – your city

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 4:49 am

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