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Hard Reset Evercoss a5k

How to open lock code Evercoss a5k with adb fastboot mode on servisan cell phone evercoss a5k with complaints; forgot lock code, so your phone can not be used at all.

Like other android phone try doing a hard reset manually by pressing the volume-and the power button, it turns out that appears is "fastboot mode" instead of recovery mode on the types of the other android phone.

Then the way to recovery mode to unlock the phone calls made by the user with this step by moblog is broken;

  1. Download adb installer here. (password:
  2. Take the drivers HERE
  3. Extract the downloaded file, then run the file URadb-setup-1.3.exe
    How to open a locked a5k evercoss code more information can be found on this blog.
    Adb Installer
  4. Trus after appear the installer, "Do you want to install the ADB and Fastboot? (Y/N) "then type y and press ENTER.
  5. Longer appear the words "ADB Install system-wide? (Y/N) "type y and press enter.
  6. Longer appear "Do you want to install device drivers? (Y/N) "then type y and press enter.
  7. It will appear ' device driver instalation wizard ' then click NEXT then click FINISH and wait.
  8. Restart your computer.
  9. Look in the Local Disk (C:) there is adb folder

    In the local disk folder of adb

  10. Copy all the files in the folder of adb (there are 4 files) then paste it directly into the Local Disk (C:)

    Copy and paste the file into the adb cHow to bring up the adb files

  11. Then create evercoss a5k you enter ' fastboot mode ' by pressing the volume-and later the power button, there will be writing ' fastboot mode ' in the top left corner.
  12. Open cmd (command prompt) from your computer, just click on START and then RUN window and then fill in the column run cmd and enter. If the window 8 SEARCH and fill in the cmd column search and enter.
  13. After that at cmd type cd. then enter
  14. Type it again cd. and then enter again
  15. New type fastboot-w then enter.

    How to wipe your android via fastboot

  16. While it appears the writing on ' cmd <waiting for="" device="">' then hp is already in a State of fastboot mode (press the power button and the volume will be out readings fastboot mode), you plug in the usbnya and let the process run to completion.</waiting>
  17. If the driver is not detected the alias appear yellow exclamation marks in device manager, please update the drivers manually by the driver in step # 2 above.
    • If windows xp, right click My Computer icon > select Properties select Hardware > > click Device Manager
    • If windows 7 and 8, press button[Windows + R] and type [devmgmt.msc]
    • then in device manager, right-click the device and select a5k evercoss driver update as pictures
      A page which discusses how to factory settings hard reset a.k.a. to a5k evercoss.
  18. Off and unplug usb and reinsert your battery then turn on your mobile phone.
  19. Congratulations evercoss a5k you already back to normal.
  20. If it still doesn't catch fire, then it must be flashed. read pages how to flash evercoss a5k.

For mobile device because drivers witing unreadable in device manager with yellow exclamation point marked, then update the driver manually by the driver in step # 2 above.

How this is used to repair damaged parts of the software on evercoss a5k without process flashing root and just did a hard reset a.k.a. recovery. Among the damage that could be repaired;

  • user code alias phone locked
  • forgot code
  • the Internet is not the way
  • want to return to the original settings.
  • etc.

the condition can still get into fastboot mode.

So articles about tutorials do recovery on hp Evercoss a5k hopefully can help readers who need it. And thanks for the share and click g + on this blog.

This article was already created an e-book that you can take here

For those who need a special Evercoss firmware file I've gathered in the courtyard of the Firmware Evercoss.

Updated: April 8, 2016 — 5:55 pm

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