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History Of The Gorilla Glass Screen Glass

You are certainly no strangers to Gorilla glass screen Glass on your android smartphone. The glass screen is evaluated as very strong and cannot be scratched at all. How does the history screen Gorilla Glass made?

Gorilla glass is one of the types of screen protectors are the most widely used smartphone exodus from Samsung and is now used by nearly all smartphone vendors. Gorilla Glass when translated literally means the Gorilla Glass. This term indicates that Gorilla Glass has strength as a very strong the Gorilla. Gorilla Glass produced by Corning Glass Factory of a company that managed to make a glass products that are listed in the sheet glass alkali-aluminosilikat.

Gorilla glass is made with a thin, lightweight form but will have a very strong durability against damage and scratches. This makes Gorilla Glass is widely used as a coating of good screen smartphones, televisions, laptops and other electronic media. Corning Gorilla Glass manufacturers as it said the main advantage of Gorilla Glass is power, a very high durability against scratches, and resilience.

Gorilla glass display Glass history began in 1960. According to the company history, Corning Inc. has been conducting various experiments with using chemicals to find a protective glass which is very strong. This experiment named Project Muscle.  Company Corning do various experiments to find the glass which they named Chemcor Glass, a precursor of the Gorilla Glass.

Glass Glass Chemcor ex. Corning Inc. is not mass produced except for Race Car, the Dodge Dart and Plymouth Baracuda asking to produce as many as a hundred pieces. Company Corning Inc. is aware that with a glass Glass Chemcor has the advantage of strong light and certainly very good race car was applied to reduce the load of the vehicle so as to increase the rate of car racing and can be spurred to the maximum.

Until the Gorilla glass display, according to the history of Glass, in 2006 Apple Inc. developed a first smartphone with the name iPhone. Initially Steve Jobs make a prototype iPhone with thick and hard plastic screen. Until at one time Steve Jobs find a fact when he put the iPhone into his pocket protoype, prototype the screen surface is scratched by keys. With Steve Jobs immediately seek ways to resolve the issue.  Steve Jobs finally call the CEO of Corning Inc. Steve Jobs suggested that the company Apple Inc. need a strong light and glass to be applied on the iPhone. Originally Wendell Weeks as CEO of Corining Inc. refused. He said that the company Corning Inc. indeed never made a strong light and glass for the screen smartphone in the 1960s but its production is already stopped.

According to the history of Gorilla Glass, Jobs continue to be urgent and convincing Weeks to produce Gorilla glass display back Glass in order to immediately applied on the iPhone will be released by Steve Jobs as soon as possible. Until in the end Wendell Weeks received and in June 2007, Corning Glass was applied to the iPhone first generation for the first time.

Now the Gorilla Glass products are already very familiar ditelinga us. Samsung began glancing at the glass that are resistant to scratches, so most of the output products Samsung uses Gorilla Glass as the protector of the glass. The resilience and the strength of the Gorilla Glass indeed can not doubt. That's the history of the glass screen gorilla glass a glass on some android smartphone.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 12:56 am

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