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Broken cell phone-thank God finally recall also to be able to enjoy again Telkom speedy service which in the past also been pake speedy because beside the counter there is a cafe so it could be connected with the setor Rp $ 20 per monthly rental, since warnetnya closed a year ago so can't speedy again fails him.

Because there is no phone home at my place of business open so find another solution that is using the modem, from gsm to cdma. That of course depends on the connection speed is the package.

Fitting a week yesterday tried nanya to Telkom Office directly if I have any phone number home just 3 Km can not made the number of speedy in me, he said. Teatapi, she love the solution to install the number just + speedy all. Wow, I was shocked because from past issues if the House could call millions of pairs of ongkosnya. I asked how, then given tau put it this way;

  • The installation of the new home phone number: Rp. 250,000
  • Abodemen Rp 25000
  • The mounting number of speedy socialita: Rp. 75000
  • A Total Of Rp. 350,000
  • No additional installation costs, etc.
  • The terms just a photocopy of ID CARD
  • Got a modem TP-LINK TD-W8151N the support wifi, so can konekin ane also laptop via wifi (hehe)

Oops, I fill out the form and a photocopy of ID card, and nice again on the next phone number home and speedy directly mounted. This time I salute with Telkom.

Now to browse and download I am quite satisfied because a stable connection and pings are very low.

Updated: April 10, 2016 — 11:03 am

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