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The Natural Extracts Of Honey Honey

Natural Honey (Honey Extract)

The Sari Bunga/Nuklear Nutrition

Production: Herbal Khoiriyah (South Sumatra)

Honey extract is a very high nutrition and multivitamins, both for health and immune system, especially for the less power, extra work, overtime, and to increase stamina.

Harvesters of honey/honeycomb search farmer is usually the tradition of climbing the trees of the forest of the great Bee Favorites (Avis Dorsata). A high Beehive tree diameter of 60 cm. This tree can be found around 10 koloni/populitas bee that one tree can produce 100 kg of honey, sisiran largest bees could be taken 10 koloni 1 s/d 20 kg of honey.

Bees in the jungles of Sumatra Dorsata Avis live in the subtropics of asia are called "Giant Bee/Hornet Supreme".

Nutritional information and Indonesia national standard (SNI):

Measure 1 scoop/10gr consists of;

  1. Moisture content: 18% (SNI moisture content of 18-20%)
  2. FAT: 0%
  3. Proteins: 0%
  4. Carbohydrates: 3%
  5. Cellulosic sugars: 8 grams
  6. Time:
    • Minerals (Fe & Vit Bkompleks): 10%

Rules of Nutritional Levels (RDA) in the day 20 grams/2 the scoop.


  1. Prevent stress
  2. Add the mother's BREAST MILK
  3. Increase the platelets as well as address the DBD/typus
  4. Men's virility & reproductive help
  5. Adding to the strong bones of seniors
  6. Improve intelligence in children.

Rules of use:

  • Adult 2×1 tablespoon (15 grams) a day
  • Kids 2×1 teaspoon (5 grams) a day
  • This honey is only for children over 1 year.
Consumer Price: Rp. 65000/bottle

Wholesale Price: Rp. 63000

Content: 850 g


  1. 200 grams: Rp. 15000
  2. 425 grams: Rp. 35,000
  3. 850 grams: Rp. 65000


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  • Address: Alisha cellular side meatballs three doves national Prabumulih South Sumatra.
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