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How To Hard Reset Sony Xperia Ray Liveview Mode Fastboot

Factory setting Sony ericsson Liveview with pc-frankly still not familiar with this type of phone, so yesterday was nothing bring hp is in the condition screen blank black because he's trying to upgrade to other ROMs successfully but the image appears only when loading doang and when already logged in the menu screen does not appear.

Although black blank actually its hp-a flame, the possibility of custom ROMs that she wear ga accordance with xperia ray. And I've tried hard reset manual not finding a suitable combination, although never once his recovery cwm menu appears but forgot the combination that I use hadehh.

In this blog article Broken Phones will share how to wipe the factory set using a hard reset in fastboot mode using a computer which also work on other mobile phone type in fastboot mode condition such as Evercoss and a5k Nexian NX a891.

The following the steps:

  1. «Download and install ADB Installer (password:
  2. take drivers on google android adb usb driver
  3. extract the file and run URadb-setup-1.3.exe
    factory set xperia ray using adb fastboot recovery
    ADB installer
  4. follow the installation process and select yes (y) until it is finished
  5. Look in the Local Disk (C:) there is adb folder In the local disk folder of adb
  6. Copy all the files in the folder of adb (there are 4 files) then paste it directly into the Local Disk (C:) Copy and paste the file into the adb cHow to bring up the adb files
  7. Open cmd (command prompt) from your computer
  8. in the type in the cmd command: cd then enter, then ketiik again and then enter fastboot-w
    wipe sony xperia ray Liveview by using cmd
    waiting for device
  9. in the position off your mobile phone, hold the Volume button Down and plug it into the usb
  10. look in device manager and if still the yellow exclamation mark on a device you do manual update and navigate to the folder drivers (google android adb usb driver see the stage number 2)
  11. After the drivers are already installed on your device, then the process factory reset in the cmd will run and runs fast.
    For a complete tutorial on how to hard reset the xperia ray you can visit the pages of the blog Mobile phone is damaged.
    type fastboot-w
  12. Please unplug usb and turn on your cell phone.
  13. completed.

Keep in mind:

  • This process will delete your data, please backup first before the process
  • If this way doesn't repair the damage then remains to be done to flash process
  • a problem that often arises is when <waiting for="" device="">a usb drivers which indicates continued is not installed completely.</waiting>
How to reset sony ericsson xperia Liveview with cmd on your pc
Xperia St 18i

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So how to hard reset sony ericsson xperia ray st 18i with fastboot mode method may be able to help colleagues who need it.

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 12:19 am

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