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How To Hard Reset/Wipe Nexian NX-A891 Via PC

How to delete user data on nexian nx-a891 with cmd-Enter servisan this type of Android with the condition, which is actually totally off when power button pressed was still a flame but only android logo just keep. Finally browse to finally found the correct way to resolve the case of hank android logo on the a891 nx, by revosupport and aldep2009 in the forums you can visit here.

The following steps do not miss;

  1. Download file2 required on 4shared
  2. Extract file've downloaded last jump to c drive without creating the folder again.
  3. Restart your computer
  4. The dead and the battery installed make this phone into the ' Download Mode ' by pressing the volume up Button + power button to appear the words Download mode in the screen of this phone.
  5. Plug the usb into your phone and navigate to the folder called ' drivers Driver Download Mode ' on the c drive that's already been ex tract.
  6. Open cmd (> click start run type cmd and ok >)
  7. At cmd type cd
  8. Then type fastboot-w
  9. Once the process is completed unplug usb and battery and turn on your cell phone.

To fix that I managed well, may be able to help all associates.

Updated: April 9, 2016 — 3:12 pm

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