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How To Add RAM Android Without The PC Easily

The Smartphone is one medium of communication that is now widely used by people. The shape of the smartphone itself is also smaller if compared to a laptop or Desktop PC. The problem of two products of this technology is the way of the building. Despite its small form, it turns out that the demolition of more elaborate than the dismantling of the smartphone a laptop or PC. It is certainly a big problem for users of the Android smartphone that want to increase or reduce the capacity of the memory or RAM, for example, You want to increase capacity initially only 512 RAM MB to 1 GB.

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Each vendor is certainly already considering and adjusting the setting of its specifications. Later consideration of such specifications will affect the smartphone design. For those of you who have purchased a smartphone Android need not regret it, because there is still a way of adding RAM Android. Certainly the way you can apply to add to the typical seating of the RAM.

Tutorial How To Add RAM To Android

How to add RAM Andorid can be done through various methods, such as the Swap File, Swap Partition, or ZRAM. How to add RAM Android this is usually referred to as virtual memory which has a primary function as additional RAM that would later help the performance of internal memory. The Swap File is one method that can be selected. This method is the way it works is by utilizing the rest of the free storage, its main uses is to speed up the performance of the Android who was previously very slowly. The addition of RAM capacity can also be done using a free application available in the Store, such as Play Swapper for Root or RAM Manager Pro.

But of the many cases indicates that the Swapper for Root is more often used when compared to RAM Manager Pro. This application is arguably one of how to increase RAM Android is a very easy and efficient. Below are the steps of application usage Swapper for Root to increase capacity of RAM:

  1. The first step is to be aware of is make sure the Android smartphone is already in the root. If your smartphone is not yet in the root, then you cannot continue to the next step.
  2. After the Android in the root position, then the next step is to install the Swapper for Root to Smartphones.
  3. Then open the application Swapper for Root
  4. Select the Active option Swap on Boot
  5. Select also the SD Card FAT partition on the Swap Partition Files
  6. Then fill the amount of capacity that diingkan. But keep in mind that the capacity of the Swap File depends heavily with the rest of the external storage. After certain, select Save
  7. Wait until the Swap File successfully created
  8. The last step is to reboot Android smartphone.

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One thing to keep in mind is how to increase RAM Android has a high risk, because of the use of virtual memory obtained from residual external storage capacity, were able to reduce it will age from SDCard, as users progress continuously.

Updated: April 20, 2016 — 10:38 pm

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