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How to Backup and Restore IMEI via Android

How to Backup and Restore IMEI via Android – we certainly know already, that the IMEI is a code that is quite important on a smartphone. For Android, the loss of the IMEI can cause enough fatal consequences, namely the loss of signal due to the system not being able to read the network. IMEI loss on Android, in fact already become common and can happen due to several reasons. Starting from errors due to the otak-atik system, or it could be lost due to repeated flashing android.

Of course for the novice user, this could be a problem which is quite troublesome. It could be that they think that there is any damage to the hardware so it inevitably had to take him to the handyman's service. If the mortgagee be honest, its service probably won't charge too much because they are certainly already know that the problem does not occur on the hardware and only need the IMEI how to restore your Android with the help of simple tools. However, if such a service repairman intend seeking profit, of course they will say this that and have to change this and that.

Tutorial how to backup and write imei on android

Therefore, this time I will share a tutorial how to backup and restore the missing Android IMEI in ways that quite easily. This way you can even do it yourself via your smartphone with the help of an application named Mobile's Uncle. For those of you who like moding, this application can be a apikasi mandatory that you must have. Because you can restore IMEI is missing in Android easily without requiring the help of a PC.  For those of you who want to try, please follow the steps below.

How to backup and restore IMEI via Android

  1. First of all, you must have a Mobile application uncle, can you download in Play store. After you download the application, install it then please go to menjalankanya.
  2. On the main menu, you will see several menus which you can choose. Because we will be doing backup IMEI, just hit the "IMEI Restore Backup (MTK)".
  3. You will be treated to a few options. If you want to save the IMEI to external memory, just hit the "IMEI Backup to SD Card (MTK)", and if you want to menyimpanya on the internal memory, please select "Backup IMEI to SD Card2 (MTK)".
  4. After that, a confirmation window will appear. Just hit "OK" and wait for the backup process runs until completion.

Well, now you have your backup IMEI you can return at any time if you have IMEI lost because doing the flashing. But remember ..!! This step can only be done if your IMEI is still there. If your IMEI is gone before, then this method is not working. Then, how do I restore my IMEI Android we have backups? Please follow the steps below.

How to restore IMEI:

  1. Open Mobile application Uncle, then sign in on the menu "IMEI Restore Backup (MTK)".
  2. Because we will be doing a restore, then please select "IMEI Restore from SD Card" If you save the IMEI in the external memory. And select the option "Restore IMEI from SD Card2 (MTK)" If you menyimpanya on the internal memory.
  3. When the confirmation window appears, please select "OK", and please wait for the restore process run until finished.
  4. After the restore process is complete, the later will appear again the confirmation window that the application asks for permission to reboot. Please select "OK" to reboot your Android. And finish.

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This way proved to be able to restore the missing IMEI and runs quite well on many Android devices. But this only applies if you already do a backup before your IMEI IMEI is lost. However, if the IMEI you've already lost and don't have IMEI backup before, then you can try how to restore the missing IMEI using MTK Droid tools via a PC. This may be only able to share this time. Hopefully this article on how to Backup and Restore IMEI via Android bermanfa'at and this can help you troubleshoot problems on your Android.

Updated: April 18, 2016 — 5:24 pm

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