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How to replace the FUEL Account without reinstall FUEL Applications

For those of you who have more than one FUEL account, you will need to replace the confusion when the account. Because the FUEL has no facility log out. Sebenernya how to replace the FUEL account without reinstall BBM application. This way is pretty easy actually. Basically every website and applications like yahoo messanger, Line messangger, Instagram, Facebook and the other equipped with sign out or log out. This feature serves to get out of the account you are open. To do Log out, you can login with another account. However, this feature does not exist in the application of FUEL, so there is a special way in order for out of FUEL applications.

FUEL or Black Berry Messanger is one application that is very popular. Ease of communication offered FUEL makes this application very important and required on any smartphone. Ease in changing the Display Picture, make Status, To exchange opinions and images in the grub becomes more value for this popular application.

For those of you who have more than one account, in fact you can download and install Applications Dual Fuel so that you have more than one FUEL application on your android smartphone. But the dual FUEL it would take an awful lot of your internal memory capacity. When the memory capacity you don't support, you can switch your account id or by doing how to replace the FUEL account without reinstall BBM application here.

  1. The first step you have to do is enter in the settings menu or settings in your android
  2. After signing in, you will be faced with a variety of menu choices. Locate and click the menu "Applications" or "applications"
  3. After you click, look for the application of FUEL and then click
  4. After you click it will pop up Info apps. Click clear cache or delete data. This process will create a temporary data or cache stored on android you are missing. So the android apps you like the first time installed
  5. After you clear the cache try entering your Android application, you'll be asked to enter your username and password again.

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Very easy steps-steps instead of, or how to replace the FUEL account without reinstall BBM application. The same way you can also apply some application that deliberately does not provide facilities such as logging out whatsapp. Whats the app also does not come with a button again, so if you want to change your account then you must clear the cache on the application whats app. Very easy is not, may be how to replace agun University bbm without reinstall BBM application is worthwhile. Please try and apply.

Updated: April 8, 2016 — 7:01 pm

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